Fryent Country Park
All Sunday projects are cancelled until further notice.

Roe Green Walled Garden
The Garden is closed to the general public until further notice.

Keeping in Touch - Issue 76

SEWA Day 2019 volunteers at Fryent Country Park

Open Day at Row Green Walled Garden

16 June 2019 - Annual report: 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019

Keeping in Touch - Issue 74

Butterfly Survey 2018, report

A walk to the ponds

Frog monitoring 2018, report

Moth Survey 2017, report

Hay Meadows Survey 2017, report

A Special Award for Innovation from the Green Flag Award Scheme

Masons Field Exhibition at Roe Green Walled Garden

Brent Masons Field Decaying Wood Habitats (Link to PDF 905KB)

Masons Field as part of Kingsbury's history (by Philip Grant)

Russian Tea Party at Roe Green Walled Garden (Link to PDF 756KB)

Fruit harvest at Fryent Country Park (Link to PDF 443KB)

Commentary and Results of Masons Field soil samples (links to PDF)

June, July & August Masons Field training courses (Link to PDF)

21 June 2014 Butterflies in Masons Field (Link to PDF)

13 July 2014 Orchard pruning workshop (Link to PDF)

Snake's head fritillaries in Masons Field

Transforming Mason’s Field into a beautiful Wildflower Meadow
23 March 2014 (Link to PDF)

Help Restore Bush Farm Orchard (Link to PDF)

Statistics about rubbish collection in Masons Field (Link to PDF)

Masons Field bulb planting 24 November 2013 (Link to PDF)

Masons Field Planting meadow with plant plugs 27 October 2013 (Link to PDF)

Masons Field Meadows Course 19 September 2013 (Link to PDF)

The John Muir Award for conservation
and Barn Hill Conservation Group

Masons Field

2012 - Fryent Country Park Management Plan

Photos of the hay meadows during the harvest 2011

A walk through the snow to Gotfords Hill

2 February 2009 - Snow at Barn Hill Open Space and Fryent Country Park