Fryent Country Park - a landscape typical of old Middlesex

Barn Hill 
Bush Farm and Beane Hill 
Hay Meadows
A history of Saltcroft and the Saltcroft seat 
A history of the Hay Meadows of Kingsbury 
Stag Beetle Habitat 
Masons Field

The 100 hectares of Fryent Country Park occupy a commanding position on Barn Hill from a summit at 86 metres above sea level through a network of fields and old hedges extending down the slopes. A slideshow featuring shots of Fryent Country Park has been set up on YouTube by one of our supporters.

Barn Hill is capped by free-draining Dollis Hill gravel, but the rest of the park lies on London Clay. The main use of the land was for hay production and livestock grazing rather than arable use, as the heavy soil is difficult to cultivate. The meadows are cut for hay once annually in the summer. The best time to see them is June. Hay making usually takes place in July. First the hay is cut, spread and then left to dry in the sun for a few days. Then it is collected up again, baled and transported to another farm. In the past, cattle and sheep were allowed to graze the aftermath (the late summer regrowth of grass).